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Diabetic Bracelets

A bracelet that provides an alert to medical personel of your diabetic condition . In cases of emergency, medical history bracelets inform others about your specific condition and could save a life. An emergency medic bracelet should be worn for any chronic medical condition , not only diabetics, but anyone with a serious disease, allergy or those that may be taking high risk mdication, bloodthinners, steroids, etc. This knowledge will help EMTs, medics, etc. first do no harm in adminstering treatment.

When you aren't able to communicate, medical identification provides important information to the emergency team. It may prevent confusion on the part of the police officer/response team as to whether the confused state is related to alcohol/ drug intoxication and whether you get the appropriate treatment.

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We offer medical Id alert jewelry including attractive bracelets and necklaces for kids, teens as well as stylish silicon rubber wristbands for men and women.

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