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A personalized compartment medical Id bracelet with No Engraving Required, No 800 numbers to call, No computer needed to access medical history,bracelet and tags are easy to update as often needed, lite weight very comfortable to wear, convenient, water resistant ID Bracelet or ID Tag containing emergency identification, medical and family contact information!

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Medical logo and Personal Identification logo.

Medical ID Alert Bracelets - Pendants and Personal ID Bracelets

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  • Necklace
  • Shoe Tag
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  • Key Chain
  • Backpack Tag Pet ID Tag
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      Medical ID Alert Bracelets

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      The Medical ID Bracelet with a Snap Lid. ID On Me Bracelet is a comfortable, convenient, *water resistant bracelet containing emergency identification, medical, and family contact information.

      With Medical ID On Me Bracelet or Pendant, you can communicate complete, detailed medical information on the water resistant (with the use of permanent ink) Information Inserts, and include information to contact your Physician(s) and family members. Critical medical decisions can be made without delay.



      medical sports band for medical ID alert bracelet

      *Complete insert with a waterproof pen, fold and place in bracelet compartment.

      Medical ID Pendant for necklace or keyring medical identification Runners medical ID

      Necklace & Keychain Pendants

      Shoe Tags

      Since these id bracelets and pendant tags can be easily up-date as needed, and the wristband can be adjusted as a child grows older, could possibly make them the least expensive medical Id on the market!

      Each Medical - ID On Me bracelet includes 4 Information Inserts which are easy to update when locations or medical conditions change.ajustable wristbands that adjust from small children to adult sizes.
      The bracelet compartment is 1-1/4 inches long and 7/8 inches wide at the widest part and the compartment is aprox 8mm or 0.3" thick and the bracelet weights only 6 grams.
      Runners can attach the Medid - ID On Me to shoe laces with the adjustable strap for Shoe Tags.

      You fill out the medical information on the tyvek inserts (example above) with a waterproof marker after you receive the bracelet. Easy to up date medical information.

      The Need for ID ID On Me was created by concerned parents who realize that in stressful situations, the ability to remember and communicate critical information may be difficult or impossible.

                                                       ID on Me is a trademark of ID Ware

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